Mexico: culinary holidays

In order to expand my restaurant and mental horizons this time I made my way to Mexico.

It was an entertaining and gastronomic tour through the country’s out-of-the-way places as well as along its magnificent Caribbean coast.


I am going to move step by step. Starting with the flight. I was getting there from Kiev: on my way there I changed planes in Paris and Mexico City, and on the way back – in Mexico City and Amsterdam.

I was flying with “FRANCEAIR” and “KLM”. The companies provide a pleasant service, but that’s not “wow”, of course. It was striking that the flight crew members were mostly communicating with each other, and the passengers were kind of in the background. In my mind, it looks not very professional. As to the minimality of troubles I liked the French more. Continue reading “Mexico: culinary holidays”

“Paprikash” wild hare

The opening of the furry animals hunting season in Volyn region was quite successful for me. I managed to bag a hare and in the run-up of my birthday I decided to treat my guests with this delicacy according to the Magyar recipe.

So, wild hare “Paprikash”.

Paprikash is a typical for Hungarian cuisine method of cooking white meat (poultry fillet), which, as a matter of fact, is suitable for cooking hare meat. The main thing is, as Hungarian cooks say, to have meat which is not fat. Continue reading ““Paprikash” wild hare”

HOOKAH BAR AS BUSINESS: how to choose a proper hookah

In the series of materials called “Hookah bar as business” I am going to consider a number of the most popular questions that you will have to deal with while opening this undoubtedly profitable direction of the Ho.Re.Ca. business.

In order to increase the material’s expertise I am going to write this column together with my partners in this direction that I have been cooperating with for 7 years – The “iHookah” Company that provides not only consulting, training and outsource services, but also is a manufacturer of their own hookah models. I invariably use them in my establishments.

Personally I am a chain-smoker and I have been smoking hookahs daily for 8 years. It’s noteworthy that I have never smoked and don’t smoke cigarettes, but hookah smoke dips me into some special nirvana and relaxation. So I am an expert in hookah smoke as well as in organizing hookah business, and will gladly share my experience with you. Continue reading “HOOKAH BAR AS BUSINESS: how to choose a proper hookah”

OPENING A RESTAURANT: how to choose a location and a premise

In the series of materials on “Opening a restaurant” I am considering for you some situations based on my more than ten-year practical experience.

Owing to the article “How to choose a good name” you have an idea of the mechanics of this creative process as well as of how important the choice of Target Audience of your business is.

And now we are going to talk about a location, that’s about a place and a premise itself.

The truth that I follow in my career is: any premise can bring profit.

The evidence for that was the implementation of such, as may seem from the first view, insane projects as a fashionable night club with a Caucasian cuisine luxury restaurant behind a filling station on the way out of the city (“Zoloto” night club and “Bambarbia” restaurant).
Continue reading “OPENING A RESTAURANT: how to choose a location and a premise”

OPENING A RESTAURANT: how to choose a good name for your business

In the series of articles on “Opening a restaurant” I am considering for you some typical issues that any person who would like to launch his own business has to deal with.

My practical experience of turnkey startups is already 52 establishments in the sphere of restaurants, entertainment and services. That is why you can consider that I came across the questions like this not less than 52 times, and every time I managed to solve them better and better. So I am presenting not the “bumps”, but the “yield” of my experience.

So, a RESTAURANT NAME. Very often an establishment is “born” exactly from a name. It happens that after watching the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean” the idea of a kind of a reckless establishment called “Corsair” appeared, a logo with a prototype of Jack Sparrow was drawn in the mind, the names of dishes like “The Tortuga Treasure” and “The Black Pearl”, the staff wearing pirates’ outfit and patches on one eye… Continue reading “OPENING A RESTAURANT: how to choose a good name for your business”

Restaurant equipment: how to choose a pizza oven

One more practical situation which provided me with a great deal of experience was the choice of an optimal pizza oven for one of the establishments of the “Uncle Pizza” chain.

In 2015 we planned a big reconstruction of the premise where the family café “Uncle Pizza” (Lutsk, Voli Avenue, 4v) had been successfully functioning for 3 years. Together with the work on the premise, we organized an upgrade of the chain concept as well.

Continue reading “Restaurant equipment: how to choose a pizza oven”

BARCELONA with a stop for having meal in Poland

The first rains and cold weather in Motherland – and there appears a desire to get some more sunny days and summer mood. Barcelona at the end of September and in October is a perfect place for this case.

The sea is still warm and the weather is moderately hot with a light sea breeze. And from the culinary point of view Spain is the richest land, known all over the world for its seafood dishes, paella, tapas, jamon … so I made my way to try all of these in the most entourage places in the centre of Barcelona.

Because of several business meetings I made my way through Warsaw. I was getting there by car through Yahodyn – Dorohusk checkpoint. I know this way pretty well, that’s why even there I have some favourite places that I can recommend …

Continue reading “BARCELONA with a stop for having meal in Poland”

RESTAURANT SERVICE: the most common mistakes that can easily be avoided


During 10 years of my practical experience in the restaurant and entertainment sphere I have attended numerous seminars, trainings and lectures on personnel training, service inculcation and development.

Almost all of them considered the cases like “How to serve in a restaurant in a correct way”, but in this release I want to emphasize the most commonly occurring mistakes that I came across in my practice and observations. And even not always they depended on waiters.

Continue reading “RESTAURANT SERVICE: the most common mistakes that can easily be avoided”