“Paprikash” wild hare

The opening of the furry animals hunting season in Volyn region was quite successful for me. I managed to bag a hare and in the run-up of my birthday I decided to treat my guests with this delicacy according to the Magyar recipe.

So, wild hare “Paprikash”.

Paprikash is a typical for Hungarian cuisine method of cooking white meat (poultry fillet), which, as a matter of fact, is suitable for cooking hare meat. The main thing is, as Hungarian cooks say, to have meat which is not fat.

Paprikash comes from the word “paprika” and the spice is characteristic of this dish. I cook this recipe using Magyar concentrated paste “ErosPista” that my friends from Berehovo regularly pass to me.

The analogue of this paste can be prepared at home if you stew a big amount of marrow paste and grated onions with paprika and chili pepper. Some Tabasco can be added for those who like thrills very much.

To cook 1 average sized hare we need:

  • Big carrots – 6 pieces.
  • Big onions – 4 pieces.
  • Butter – 1 pack
  • Salt, pepper

The main thing in this recipe for me is a cooking dish in which you are planning to cook. I cook in my grandma’s cast iron enameled roasting pan which is more than 30 years old. It’s suitable for me because it has thick sides and high quality enamel. Being stewed in a pan like this, meat doesn’t dry up or get burnt. You should choose a cooking dish by the same principle.

The evening before cooking I cut a hare into 100-150 gram pieces. How to cut a hare – that’s a separate question. Meanwhile, look it up on YouTube. Once I am going to make a report on this topic.

The pieces of hare meat are soaked in water. I do it just in order to make the meat clean and to make the membrane visible. This kind of game doesn’t have any unpleasant smell. My father doesn’t soak hare meat at all.

Having separated the membrane, I put the meat on a board or a baking tray and generously rub in some salt and pepper with some massaging movements. I do it from all sides. Then I leave it for an hour or two.

Meanwhile I grate the carrots using big grating slots and the same I do with the onions using fine grating slots.

I fry the onions and the carrots in a lavish portion of butter. You are sure to need not less than 100 grams of butter for this. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

At the end I add 500 ml of water together with the “ErosPista” paste (half a tube). I stew it for 10 more minutes.

Meanwhile I shock fry all the pieces of hare meat in butter.

After preparing all half finished products I fill the roasting pan with the layers of meat and vegetables in turn. It is important for the vegetables to be at the bottom and at the top and for the meat not to touch the sides of the pan. This way you can be sure it won’t dry up and get burnt. I generously put 500 ml of the “ErosPista” sauce more. While stewing I constantly have a look inside the pan and if the sauce vaporizes, I add more.

I stew it at a rather low temperature of 160 degrees. But quite long, at least 3 hours, or even longer. The degree of the meat doneness is a knife that falls through it.

As a side dish I can recommend boiled buckwheat or couscous. Serve a piece of meat on a plate and generously add some stewed vegetables “Paprikash” to the side dish.

You are going to be delighted!

Bon appétit!

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