Veal with cepes

To cook some delicate and delicious veal with cepes you will need:

  • Veal undercut – gross weight 200 gm
  • Boiled cepes – 70-100 gm
  • Cream (20% fat) – 30 ml
  • Salt, pepper, soybean sauce, olive oil for marinade
  • Thyme


Marinate a piece of veal for 2-3 hours in the mixture of olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme and soybean sauce. Take 1.5 spoonful of sauce for a piece like that. Add a pinch of thyme, salt and pepper – to your taste.

Shock the marinated stake on a hot frying pan or grill grates. One minute for each side. As a result a crust will appear that will keep the juice from evaporating from the meat.

Then you can roast the meat in foil, baking sleeve or in a metal pot.

At home – set the oven at 180 degrees and keep it for 20 minutes.

At the restaurant – keep it for 8-10 minutes at the temperature of 180 degrees in a combi steamer.

While the meat is being roasted, make a thick cepe cream sauce. Cut the mushrooms into random shapes. Cook it all in a stew-pan. Take 30 ml of cream for 100 gm of mushrooms. Add a little bit of spices. Remember that the meat has already been seasoned. Don’t be too diligent.

As soon as you take out the meat, cut it into some portions and just let it lie for a minute or so in order to let some extra juice go out. The matter is that the juice will come in contact with the cream and some not very attractive mixture will exude. And this way your meat will be densely covered with the cepe cream mass.

Decorate the dish with some basil leaves and cherry tomatoes. You can use the mixture of coarse ground peppers as well. It perfectly fills space on a plate. But that’s the matter of the personal preference.

Bon appétit!

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